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Why our clients love working

out at Ultra Bodies

To say "Wow! Using a personal trainer helped me Jose weight in half the time!"


"I was stronger now than I was at 21 by using

Manny's strength t raining program!"


"My back has never felt better. Who would

have known strength training would help me

at 70!"

Have you ever been Jocked into a contract at

a gym you no longer wanted to visit? That

won't happen at Ultra Bodies.


\At our fitness center, you purchase sessions

in blocks. This allows you to attend

consistently and frequently . but also as your

schedule and budget allow.


• No pesky contracts, fees, or dues

• We offer a positive attitude for positive


• Private personal training

• Modern facility

• Fitness evaluations every six weeks

• Certified, experienced personal trainers

• Friendly staff

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Many of our clients have come to Ultra Bodies since 1994. Our location has been in operation

for 18 years. If you're ready to make a commitment to fitness and wellbeing, stop in today.

With focus and coaching, we'll help you look better, feel better. and functi00on better.


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