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Do you need some motivation and guidance wl1en it comes to getting in shape and leading a healthier lifestyle?


Our certified personal trainers are here to

help. Every eight weeks, you'll receive a fitness evaluation. Plus, we customize each

session to optimize your success.


We specialize in fitness training. body building, power lifting, shaping and toning, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, sport-specific training. and after-surge1y conditioning.


Are you ready for tl1e new. healthy you? We can help you lose weight affordably, safely,

and effectively.


When you're working out, you need to complement your training sessions to make

sure you shed fat while nourishing your body. We expand your workout as you progress.


We measure your success with baseline body measurement, testing flexibility, blood

pressure readings, and lean and fat weight comparison. We can also help you with nutritional supplements, your diet goals and


  • Muscle building
  • Muscle toning
  • Endurance training
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Sports performance
  • Physical rehabilitation Strength training
  • General coaching and maintenance


FREE consultation and

fitness evaluation

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Avoid dues and fees - pay up front for your sessions

At Ultra Bodies. we won't trick you into paying membership dues. Simply pay up front for your

sessions - you can purcl1ase them in blocks. Fees are prepaid for six sessions and include the

individual evaluation.


Our t raining opt ions include:

3x per week with a personal trainer

2x per week with a personal trainer

1x per week or floaters with a personal trainer


Get Fit with progressive resistance strength training. A well designed strength t raining program

can reduce fat and reshape your body faster than any other type of fitness program. Positive

results should be apparent to you and others after only 4 to 6 weeks. for those not in a training



Not ready to commit to personal training services? We also offer an individual fitness evaluation

which includes reports. an illustrated workout program, and one coaching session.


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