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Lead a healthier lifestyle with Ultra Bodies

All of our personal trainers are certified and

experienced. We do our best to motivate you

by giving you the extra support and

motivation you need.


We've been a family owned and operated

facility for 18 years. Trade the corporate gym

lifestyle for personal attention. The owner

owns the building and land, so not going

anywhere, don't cater to the masses.


Some members of our staff are bilingual. If you are more comfortable speaking in

Spanish. please request a Spanish-speaking trainer.


We want you to feel at home in our fitness

facility. Ask for a Spanish-speaking personal

trainer today.


We offer one to one t raining in a modern,

private training center.

Weight lifting helps build and maintain lean

muscle and boost your strength, energy. and

metabolic rate.


Did you know that for every pound of muscle

you gain, you raise your metabolic rate by

about 50 calories per day? This is because

muscle tissue requires a lot of energy. When

you increase your body's ability to use fat as

fuel, you can lose weight with strength training

Feel better about yourself

Are you ready to increase your level of confidence? We can help. Diet and fitness will help you

lead a healthier lifestyle. You'll look the way you want and you'll feel better, too. Ultra Bodies is

here to help - one coaching session at a time.


We value you. Call to schedule an appointment in our The Woodlands, TX facility.


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